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The 23th China Refrigeration EXPO 7-9th April 2012

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Our company , Anhui Ninguo Lonch Electronic Co.,Ltd attended in the 23th China
Refrigeration EXPO at the New International Expo Center at Beijing on April 8th,2012.
The theme of this CR EXPO is “Services for people's livelihood, construct ecological

With the development of our society, our government promotes green, energy saving and
environmental protection concept.The CR EXPO is the grand meeting over all the world
involving in the air conditioning refrigeration industry.As the world's biggest one of the
refrigeration exhibition, it also attracts more and more good businessmen worldwide.

At the same time of having these advantages,our company will make up for our own
shortcomings.We will introduce many advanced equipments,and make our products
international.We will spare no effort to build our company's future and we believe we can
have a new image flying over the international capacitors market.

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