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Ningguo Lonch Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional factory which engaged in development and production of capacitors, located in Anhui Province, the most dynamic emerging industrial city ------ Ningguo.

Our main products: CBB series AC motor capacitors, for tube-type fluorescent and other discharge lamp circuits, and other special capacitors with electrical lights.We have introduction international advanced intelligent equipment and testing instruments, Specializing in the production for communications, precision instruments, televisions, monitors, power tools, motors, lamps, electronic ballasts, electronic ignition and electronic meters purposes of exchange, DC, pulse metallized film capacitors.

Since the establishment of the company, 80% capacitors export to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other regions. The electrical lighting National Standardization Technical Committee commissioned, our company engineer drafted GB1849-2001 "tube type fluorescent lamp and other discharge line capacitor -- General and safety requirements" and GB/T18504-2001 "tube type fluorescent lamp and other discharge line capacitor -- Performance requirements of" two national standards. 100 lamps designed and made by our company is the leading domestic level with high temperature capacitor, already the batch used in some key domestic lighting  engineering. In 2005 ,we cooperated with the Wuhu Fuda technology Co.,ltd,  exports 1500000 pcs  lighting compensation capacitor to europe market. In 2006 August cooperated with Shanghai Jiabao Industry (Group)  Share Ltd in the production of metal dielectric capacitor, the capacitor is suitable for communication, precision instrument, TV monitors, electric tools, electronic ballasts and other electrical capacitors used, this kind of products to fill gaps in the capacitor industry in Anhui Province, the above projects with a total investment of 13000000 RMB complete in two years ,the company has identified "high-tech enterprise", has won the Anhui province "Shou he tong zhong xin yong" "Anhui famous brand", "famous brand of Anhui province", "Anhui Province excellent private enterprise ; Xuancheng city "integrity unit"; Ningguo city "civilized unit" and "quality trustworthy unit" etc.


since the year of 2005,our company  through the electronic port auditing, our company has been working to improve our product quality and establish a good service concept, In the stability development of domestic trade , we will Vigorously develop the international market,the aims is let the lonch brand to be knew all over the world,so we have been working hard: technology, vigorously has introduced a complete set of international advanced intelligent equipment and testing instruments, and systematic training for enterprise employees, let them to be outstanding staffs.  we uphold the "quality -- the life of enterprise" is the core business philosophy,all provide the guarantee for the quality of products.   In strengthening the company's hardware facilities at the same time, I Division also actively introduce well-known within the industry and technical personnel, the establishment of a strong technical team, actively overcome various difficulties, the quality of the products has passed the ISO 9001-2000 international quality system certification and CQC, GB, SGS, CE, IEC, UL, RoSH and other performance test professional products. As our product has laid a solid foundation on the development and foreign markets for domestic products. Management, adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy, humane management and institutional constraints of combining enterprise management mode of operation, with strict regulations to standardize the various departments, with humanistic standards to deal with the affairs of the company, to provide a harmonious working atmosphere for the majority of enterprise employees. At the same time, using transparent way of information exchange, the establishment of the company's virtual telephone network, with network and telephone communication way, to the leadership of the company, each employee to the enterprise, may at any time to understand and reflect the company's situation, timely grasp and solve possible problems. 


Our products have the following advantages: low loss, high insulation resistance,sound self-healing , stable performance, resistance to inrush current , high overload capacity and other properties. Product meet the standard of GB3667GB18489GB/T18504IEC60252IEC61408IEC61049UL810EN60252VDE0560-8


Our company uphold the spirit of "unity, honesty, pragmatism, strictly" and the customer's satisfaction is our only and final goal.
We will provide you with the best qualified products, the most reasonable price, the best cooperation and the most enthusiastic services. Willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to promote the development and brilliance of capacitor industry.

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